AI 2022 Chicago Contest Results

During Airliners International we hold several contests. The winners in each of the categories are announced at the Saturday evening banquet, where we also hold our always-popular Trivia and Name the Plane contests.

Entries in the Postcards, Photography, and Model-Building contests are accepted until Saturday morning.

The winners in each contest are listed below. Click on/open each image to view it larger.

Perhaps you’ll consider entering a contest in Dallas/Ft. Worth at Airliners International 2023?


1st Place – Michael Adkins

2nd Place – Marvin Goldman

3rd Place – Rick Neyland

Rubber Ducky Award (Tie) – Sandie Black and Luis Indacochea


1st Place – Cameron J. McClung (13/15)

2nd Place – Jeff Jarvis (12/15 and tie-breaker winner)

3rd Place – Scott O’Leary (12/15)

Better Luck Next Time – Barbara McKean (0 correct)


The winner of this year’s postcard contest was Hamish Talford. His entry of “Classic Curt Teich Chromes” was beautiful and comprehensive. Congratulations, Hamish!

Hamish Talford – Classic Curt Teich Chromes


Best of Show & People’s Choice Award: Stephen Griffin

Best of Show: Stephen Griffin

Honorable Mention: Brandon Lukas

Honorable Mention: Mike Chew

Aerial Print

1st Place: Ken Miller

2nd Place: Carl Robinson

3rd Place: Carl Robinson

Air Print

1st Place: Ben Wang

2nd Place: Ben Wang

3rd Place: Stephen Griffin

Ground Print

1st Place: Brandon Lukas

2nd Place: Mike Chew

3rd Place: Ben Wang


Judges’ Best of Show and the People’s Choice Award: Tom Kalina

Judges’ Best of Show and People’s Choice Award: Tom Kalina’s Chicago Municipal Airport

Small Prop  

1st Place: Tom Kalina – American Airlines L188 Electra

2nd Place: Mark Hooper – United Express EMB 110

Small Jet

1st Place: Ken Miller – PSA 727-200

1st Place: Ken Miller – PSA 727-200

Medium Jet

1st Place: Steve Villasenior – Philadelphia Eagles A319

2nd Place: Bob Venditti – Surinam Airways DC8-50

3rd Place: Tom Kalina – American Airlines 707-120

Large Jet Split

1st Place: Rick Neyland – Continental DC9-14

2nd Place: Andrew Stiffler- National DC10

3rd Place: Andrew Stiffler- Air Algerie 727-200

Large Prop Split

1st Place: Tom Kalina- United 247D 

2nd Place: Andrew Stiffler- Chicago & Southern L10 Electra

3rd Place: Andrew Stiffler- Chicago & Southern DC3


1st Place: Tom Kalina – Alitalia DC8

2nd Place: Andrew Stiffler – United Express B1900

3rd Place: Tom Kalina- Japan Airlines DC8-50


1st Place: Tom Kalina – Air New Zealand DC8-50

2nd Place: Tom Kalina – Pan American 707-120


1st Place: Tom Kalina – Chicago Municipal Airport

2nd Place: Andrew Stiffler – American Eagle Collection

Flights of Fancy

1st Place: Ken Miller – United Mach 5 Airliner

2nd Place: Andrew Stiffler – Trans American 707 (from the 1980 movie Airplane!)

Previous Contest Winners at Airliners International

Follow this link to view the 2021 winners.

Follow this link to view the 2019 winners.

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  • Avatar

    Bill Parker


    Where is to view the 2023 winners? Because I want to see that, please… I can’t wait.
    So please let me know when coming out like that 2023 winners.

    Thank you
    Bill Parker


    • Avatar

      Bill Demarest


      Winners for the Trivia and Name the Plane contests at the banquet have been posted. Still waiting for the judges to provide the list of names and photos of the other contests.


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