Airlines of Great Britain — Part 1

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Written by Charlie Dolan

I began the year 2021 with the first article about British carriers featuring Imperial Airways and the subsequent BOAC, British, and British Airways. Over the next few months, I plan to highlight some of the many other airlines, which were formed over the years in Great Britain. Some were small, some large. Others lasted only a few years before succumbing to bankruptcy or merger and others are still in business.

So, while my wife is watching the super bowl, I’ll press on to the skies of England, Scotland and Wales.

Ace Freighters / Ace Scotland 1964–1966 (5 aircraft)

Air Europe AE AOE 1979–1991

Air UK   UK UKA 1980–1998

Airlines Cymru (Wales) AK CYM 1984–1988

Airtours (became My Travel). VZ MYT 1990–2008

Alidair (Scotland) 1972-1983

Aurigney Air Services GR AUR 1968–present

B K S (named for founders: James Barnby, “Mike” Keegan and Cyril Stevens) 1952–1970 merged into Northeast

B E A British European Airways BE BEA 1946–1974 (merged into BOAC)

British Caledonian BR BCC 1970–1988

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